"I'm controlling, and I want everything orderly, and I need lists. My mind goes a mile a minute. I'm difficult on every single level."
-Sandra Bullock

I don't know what it is about lists, but I feel as if I am obsessed with them. Anytime I see something on Facebook or Buzzfeed that reads "29 Things Only Book Nerds Understand" or "17 of Chandler Bing's Best One-Liners" or "15 Reasons Why We Are the Harry Potter Generation," I automatically feel the need to read it. Maybe it's because it's organized and I love organized. Maybe it's because I want to see if I agree with their lists or if I want to make my own revisions and let the writer know why mine is better. Whatever the reason, I love them and cannot resist them, so I thought I'd make an ultimate list of lists. So for those of you who are lovers of lists like me, enjoy!

IMG_032310 Random Facts About Me
1. I've been married to my wonderful husband, Jon, for two years.
2. We have a Silky Terrier named Paisley
3. I am a third grade teacher
4. I was a theatre and elementary education major at the University of Mary Washington
5. I danced for 18 years (ballet, jazz, modern, and pointe)
6. I choreograph musicals for UMW
7. My favorite number is 7
8. I love color coding pretty much anything (schedules, my closet, etc.)
9. I am Italian and therefore believe that pasta is acceptable for any and every meal
10. Aida is my favorite musical

writingFavorite NA-ish Authors

     I feel that writers becomes writers because somewhere along the way, they became enchanted with stories. It doesn't matter if it was at 5 years old listening to their parents read or because a teacher made them read a book that changed their lives, or as an adult, they had a chance to pick up a book for fun and realized that they could be whisked away to any place while their actual financials kept them at home.
     I am no different, and as such, I was inspired by many that came before me. I believe all authors are on the same team and I have no hesitation in sharing and promoting the authors that I love because they are the ones that inspired me to believe in myself enough to write my own stories.
     So, in no particular order, here are some of my favorite, inspiring authors:
1. Colleen Hoover
2. Jay Crownover
3. Samantha Young
4. Tammara Webber
5. S.C. Stephens
6. Jamie McGuire
7. Cora Carmack
8. Jennifer Armentrout
9. Rebecca Donovan
10. Tina Reber

books210 Books That Left an Impression on Me

I'm cheating a little and stealing this from Facebook. A little while ago, it was going around asking people for 10 important books in their lives, ones that left lasting impressions. My list has very few "classics" and a lot of children's books because those were the ones that instilled a love of reading in me. The first book I ever read, the first time a book made me cry, the first book I loved so much I had to read more than once, the first book that made me think someone got what I was going through, and the book that made me think I could be a writer, too.
1. Green Eggs and Ham- Dr. Seuss 2. Kristy’s Big Idea- Ann M. Martin 3. The Bridge to Terebithia- Katherine Patterson 4. The Winter of Red Snow- Kristiana Gregory 5. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire- J.K. Rowling 6. Hamlet- William Shakespeare 7. The Perks of Being a Wallflower- Stephen Chbosky 8. The Other Boleyn Girl- Philippa Gregory 9. The Second Summer of the Sisterhood- Ann Brashares 10. Slammed- Colleen Hoover

Disney-Harry-Potter-Awesome-disney-23523871-480-6408 Things I Love
To change things up, I'm creating a list that is not necessarily book related. It includes things that I love, know way too much about, and will happily talk with you about for hours. I am also aware of how much a nerd some of it makes me, and I'm proud of it:-).
1. Disney
2. FRIENDS TV show
3. Harry Potter
4. Binge-watching on Netflix
5. Country music
6. Angsty teen dramas: Dawson's Creek, One Tree Hill, The Vampire Diaries, etc.
7. Trivia (at a pub, Trivial Pursuit, watching Jeopardy)
8. Broadway musicals